Friday, April 24, 2009


you know those nights and you have nothing to do so you sit and think about oh, i dont know, everything?! yeah having one of those nights. i'm doing my best to not let it get me down (and let me tell you Satan is trying his hardest). i feel that if i were to rant in writing (because i've already said it out loud) it would be cleared out of my head. i'm all for that.

i hate how much i've allowed myself to like Aaron. i wasnt going to do this. no! but i didnt see this one coming. i mean, look wise not exactly my "type" but the boy can make me laugh. he is so much fun to be around. (i feel like and idiot saying this but...) whenever he responds to one of my twitter posts, totally makes me smile. also, i get butterflies just THINKING about him and i absolutely HATE that!!!! how can I feel this why and have this feeling deep down of worry that he will never feel the same in return. how can i feel so strongly about someone i dont even know his favorite... color? gosh, i could write a book about this kind of stuff happening to me. oh and to top it all off with the Aaron thing, yeah okay, the girl he was "talking" to last year lives next door to me and happens to be the most adorably sweet girl you can't help but to like. i'm pretty sure they dont have a thing any more but its hard to think that when they do SO MUCH together. Allie says its just because they are such good friends. oh! and i thought she liked Asa. Asa seemed pretty smitten around her and same goes for her when she's around him! i just dont get it! oh and christa's little friend heather, yeah she's a joy. not. i dont even think she likes me. "met" her for the 1,000 time today. yeah totally acted like she has never met me before. um helloooo are you blind? i'm around whenever she is hanging out with christa, who lives NEXT DOOR!!!!! oh did i forget to mention the fact that yesterday i was standing right in front of her and allie was next to me and she said hi to allie and asked how her day was but acted completely oblivious to me. yeah i dont know what that was about. i get this feeling she doesnt like me and i hate that! i hate when people dislike me for no reason. UGH! oh and for some readon i get the feeling that maybe heather dearest may like Aaron. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! being a girl sucks! like i hate that i allow myself to get so fired up over trivial things like this!!! i absolutely hate it! i hate how on a friday night i call one of my BFFs so i can have someone as i drive to wal-mart to buy a coloring book! i hate that. i dont even want to think about how summer is going to be. everyone i hang out with is gonna be 4 hours away! i dont even want to think about it. i'll just submurge myself into my books all summer and dream about things that will probably never happen. oh yeah sounds like a joy.

well, that is that. me ranting about my laaaaaaaaaaaame life at the moment. hopefully tomorrow i can post something extremely positive to make up for all the negativity from tonight. so fare thee well and until next time.

Saturday, April 11, 2009


so... it's been a while. my bad. i've had a lot going on this past week. but now it is Easter weekend. so i'm definately gonna have to catch up on my blogging. juuuuuust not right this moment. later today. promise.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

lala land

okay so my mind has been a million different places this week.
i wrote something earlier today that i was gonna post
i was in a hurry to get to nashville before the storms got in [totally successfull btw]
so i will have to post it either late friday night when i get back to cookeville or saturday afternoon. so yeah. . . lol

'til then