Sunday, June 14, 2009

summer and a few of my favorite things.

whoa. I've been out of school for over a month now. time is just FLYING by. i have so much i want to write. so many thoughts racing to come out and i cant seem to organize them to where they are going to make sense. first off, i have set a goal this summer: to read at least one book a week. I'm doing good. finished one this morning in fact. so that makes a total of 6. I'm avoiding the fact that i want to write about him... i feel my "blogs" are reading like some 13 year old girl's journal. which, ya know, i really don't care but i don't want to dwell on those facts. the boy makes me smile just thinking about him. crap. i just did it. time for a change o' subject. my cat Little Bit, also known as Lily Bee, is right here by my side (: I'm telling ya, best cat EVER! okay could i be more lame? i think not. first I'm a 13 year old girl hopelessly talking about her crush and now I'm a 60 year old woman talking about her cat?! talk about hitting both extremes. i guess its a good thing my blog is titled "at least i can dream" because my reality so isn't interesting. as i finished my second Nicholas Sparks book of the summer, i had a brief thought that i should write a book. but what would i ever have to write about? I've never been in love... never done something extraordinary... never traveled the globe... aren't people suppose to write about what they know? ha. well i know how a heart can be broken without the breaker knowing they broke anything. um... i know that summer is the most wonderful time of year. twilight is the prettiest time of day. nothing can beat the sound of an acoustic guitar. stargazing is absolutely magical. sitting on a swing makes all things better. strawberries are the sweetest fruit. the 1950s and 1960s had some of the best music. coloring is the best therapy. reading in the sunlight brings nothing but happiness. tire swings are the most fun at sunset in the summer. three hour uno games make the best memories. people out windows make for interesting songs. drive-in movie theaters are timeless. being barefoot in fresh cut grass is an indescribable feeling of joy. black and white movies are a lost art form. rainbows can make anyone smile after a thunderstorm. sweet tea is the best thing from the south. fireflies are absolutely majestic. honeysuckle plants are the best during early summer. laughter truely is the best medicine. God certainly does work in mysterious ways.