Thursday, February 2, 2012

ways to my heart

  1. love Jesus!
  2. buy me quality books.
  3. love animals, preferably mine.
  4. deal with, accept and love my family as much as I do.
  5. recognize that I say and strive to be healthy and eat healthy, but that coffee, mexican food, pasta and cupcakes are among the top importance on my food pyramid.
  6. accept and know that I will in fact squeal, giggle, exclaim and fawn over any and every baby or child under the age of about 6 that I see.
  7. get me flavored coffee or tea and drink some with me.
  8. write me letters. nothing is sexier than seeing your handwriting on paper confessing some lovin.
  9. don’t let me always be the one behind the camera, take it from me.
  10. I don’t need expensive gifts or jewelry or dates or gestures. If it means something to either one of us I’m going to love it. Oh and the cheesier, the better.

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